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Prayer Letter: December 2023

Dear Prayer and Ministry Partners,

We want to extend a warm greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are delighted to share with you, our cherished co- workers in this ministry, the latest updates and prayer requests from our ministry as we continue to spread the only message of hope and salvation through the various arms of the AFC(SP) ministry.

Firstly, we rejoice in the 49th graduation of the College of Theology and Evangelism in Fiji. It is with deep gratitude that we reflect on the impact of this past year, which saw over 95 active enrolments and the graduation of students with a wide range of awards, from certificates in theology to doctoral degrees. The presence of Pastor Manny Pereira, a graduate of Masters’ Seminary and senior pastor at Trinity Bible Church, California, USA, as the chief guest was a blessing, his teaching was reminiscent of John Ridley, and we thank our Lord and our dear brother for opening the word to us on this occasion. His message, drawn from the book of Philippians 1:9-10, urged our graduates to press on, hold fast, and discern what is excellent—qualities that are superior to the praise and glory of Christ Jesus our Lord. The event was also broadcasted via livestream, reaching a wider audience and enabling virtual participation. We humbly request your prayers for our graduates as they step into their diverse callings and seek to serve the Lord in various spheres. Please also intercede for us as we prepare for the celebration of the 50th graduation and anniversary. It is truly a testament to the faithfulness of the Lord that our ministry has been sustained by His wisdom and might over these five remarkable decades.

Additionally, we had the honour of hosting the "5 Solas Conference," an event that delved into the history of the Reformation. It served as a powerful reminder of how the glories of the gospel exploded, transforming lives and ending the dark ages when the good news of Jesus Christ had been shrouded in darkness, deformed, and hidden from those who were in desperate need of hope. The conference emphasised the importance of the doctrine of grace, underscoring that salvation is in Christ alone, by Grace alone, received through faith alone, found in the Scriptures alone, and for the glory of God alone (Sola Deo Gloria). We thank God for His wondrous grace that extends to even the most rebellious hearts. We praise Him for the gospel and for the substance of that good news—our Lord Jesus Christ. We are filled with thanksgiving for His perfect life, in which He lived the life we should have lived and failed to, and in which we fell short of His glory. We are grateful for His sacrificial death, paying the price that we deserved, for we have all sinned, and the wages of sin is death—He died our death.

Our hearts overflow with praise for God's vindication of His Son through the resurrection, proving His victory over sin and death and His exaltation as the ascended Lord deserving of all praise and adoration.

As we approach the Christmas season, it is a time for us to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, who came as a humble child yet worthy of all glory and honour. We are reminded that He is the reason for the season and the reason for all. The significance of Christ's birth, life, and redemptive work compels us to worship and adore Him.

As we continue to labour in the vineyard of the Lord, we earnestly ask your prayers for the following:

1. Pray for our graduates as they embark on their individual paths, that they may be equipped, strengthened, and guided by the Holy Spirit in their ministry and life endeavours.

2. Lift up the preparations for the forthcoming 50th graduation and anniversary, that God would bless every aspect and that it would be a time of celebration and reflection on His faithfulness through the years.

3. Ask for God's continued provision, wisdom, and discernment for our ministry as we seek to serve, teach, and spread the gospel, and that our efforts would bear lasting fruit for the Kingdom.

4. Pray for the impact of the "5 Solas Conference" to endure in the hearts and minds of all who attended, that the truths expounded would take root and flourish in their lives.

5. Savita and I have travelled to Australia for our health check ups. Please pray that the Lord would sustain us.

6. Please pray that the Lord would bring the students of His choosing to the Bible College and Vocational School.

We are immensely grateful for your faithful support and fervent prayers as we pursue God's calling for this ministry. May the Lord bless you abundantly and uphold you as you labour with us for His kingdom.

In Christ's love and service,


Edited by Nathan Adams

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