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September 2023: Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Recently, we had the privilege of sending a team of young men, affectionately known as "Daniel's band," to Labasa. These passionate young individuals, truly the future leaders of our ministry, embarked on a mission to faithfully proclaim the transforming gospel of Christ to the children. We are beyond thrilled to witness that God graciously saved 10 precious souls during their time there. Let us rejoice together in His abundant grace and continue to pray that these newly saved individuals may grow deep in their faith and walk boldly in the path of righteousness.

Furthermore, on the 26th of this month, we organised a free eye clinic day in Votualevu, Nadi. The response from the community was overwhelming, and we were privileged to provide much-needed eye care for many people. Our prayer is that not only did we attend to their physical needs, but also a door was opened to engage in meaningful conversations about the true Light of the world and the salvation found in Him alone. Please pray for follow up encounters with those who received our services, that their hearts may be receptive to the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

Our church at Votualevu is set to commence by the end of this month. We stand in awe and gratitude as God faithfully fulfils His promise to build His church, which will stand firm against the forces of darkness. Indeed, the gates of Hell shall not prevail (Matthew 16:18). As this journey begins, we humbly ask for your prayers, seeking God's guidance, provision, and moving of His Spirit upon this new church, that many would be won for Christ. May it radiate His love, grace, and truth, becoming a sanctuary of hope and a lighthouse for those lost in darkness.

Moreover, the students at CTEF (Fiji Bible College) have successfully completed their final week of lectures and have now entered the exam preparation phase. As they immerse themselves in studying, including the profound study of God's Word, let us intercede on their behalf. Pray that their academic pursuits do not remain superficial but lead to a deepening love and devotion for the Lord who loves them. May their studies transform into a genuine and transformative encounter with the living God, equipping them to effectively serve Him in the future.

We are grateful to God for the completion of Naushad and Sabina's new home at the college, their old home had been severely damaged by termites. Naushad has been with us for more than 25 years, and his testimony is a powerful testament to the transforming power of Christ.

Growing up in great poverty as a Muslim, Naushad encountered Jesus in his late teens and experienced the love and salvation that only He can offer. When the leaders from the local Muslim community offered him material wealth and comfort in exchange for his faith, Naushad humbly responded, "The Lord Jesus loved me when I had nothing, He saved me when I was lost, and He has given me eternal life. Jesus is all I need and want." We are grateful that the Lord saved our dear brother and now for His kindness in providing this new home. Our deep gratitude also extends to Harvey Bay Baptist church for their sacrificial labour in building it.

In the past month, we have successfully built a chicken shed at Johnson Rd farm, and several hundred meat and laying chickens will arrive soon. Our prayer is that we can utilise the meat and eggs from these chickens to provide sustainable protein for our students at CTEF and the Vocational School. The remaining produce will be sold to support the ministry's running costs and contribute to food expenses. We humbly ask for your prayers that we can be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to us, using them wisely and in ways that bring glory to His name.

As we move forward, we humbly request your continued prayers in the following areas:

1. The spiritual growth and protection of those who accepted Christ in Labasa.

2. Meaningful conversations and receptiveness to the gospel among those who received eye care in Votualevu.

3. God's guidance, provision, and anointing upon the launch and growth of our church at Votualevu.

4. The students at CTEF, as they diligently prepare for their final exams, that their studies would deepen their love for the Lord and equip them for future ministry.

5. The upcoming graduation

6. Wisdom and stewardship as we utilise the resources from the Johnson Rd farm to provide sustenance for our students and support our ministry financially.

Once again, we want to convey our deep appreciation for your unwavering support, prayers, and love. We are truly blessed to have you as partners in this incredible journey of spreading the love and hope of Jesus Christ. May God's abundant grace and peace overflow in your lives.

With sincere gratitude and love,


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