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July 2023 : AFC.SP Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partner/s

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are facing a serious financial situation. For the last four months, the Lord has provided an average of US$4000.00 for the entire AFC(SP) ministry and our personal support. It is becoming very difficult to pay for the basic needs of the ministry. We are sharing this need with you because we know that you pray for us and the Lord’s work here and helped us financially in the past.

AFCI-USA now has a new website which also has an AFC Fiji ministry page under Narayan Nair. Please see below a note from the Operations Director.

Note from Kelley Johns – Operations Director – AFCI-USA Online donors who donate monthly do so by either: 1-Setting up recurring donations to automatically deduct from their card or checking (“set it and forget it!”) – we call these “recurring monthly donations”

2-Going to our website every month and making a donation on their own, but it is a one-time deal. We call these just monthly donations, but not recurring b/c they are not set up to automatically deduct every month, but rather the donor goes to the site every month and makes their donation online.

** From now on, any donors that want to donate to us and go to our new website will be donating via Pushpay as that is what is configured on our new site. Any donor that donates online will no longer be able to in our old system.We are continually reaching out them to assist them to do this. Please do reach out to me if you have any questions or need further clarification.

PO Box 369; Roswell, GA 30077;;


Thank you for allowing me to share this need.

FIJI ADDRESS PO Box 315, Lautoka, Fiji Islands Phone: (679) 2722250



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